Scrip Program

The Our Redeemer Scrip program offers you an opportunity to reduce your tuition for the next year. You do this by purchasing gift cards through Scrip, for national and local retailers that sell their gift cards to the Scrip program at a discounted price (each with a different percentage of discount). You purchase the cards at face value and redeem them for face value, and our church with school keeps the rebate amount as a profit.


The Our Redeemer Board of Education decided that the school families can opt to have 90% of that profit from their purchases placed in their TRIP (Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Plan) account. The remaining 10% is placed back in the General Fund for help in administration costs for the program. The TRIP balance you accumulate is then used to reduce your child’s tuition for next year – Our Redeemer families saved over $10,000 in tuition for the 2018-2019 Scrip program year!


Each year we ask Our Redeemer families for a Scrip commitment – this is an amount of Scrip rebates you will agree to earn during the year, that will be used to reduce your tuition. There is only ONE commitment per family; and the amount is determined by your oldest child attending. The amount of the Scrip commitment is as follows:


Scrip Commitment Amount

  • PK3-AM: $50
  • PK3-Full Day: $75
  • PK4: $100
  • K-8: $200


So, if you have two children, one in PK4 and one in 2nd grade, you will have a total Scrip commitment of $200, based on the older child's grade.

You can choose to opt out of participating in the Scrip program by paying the Scrip commitment up front at registration, or by asking the school office to add it to your tuition bill for that year.


If you choose to participate, but do not earn the full Scrip commitment in rebates by May, the amount you did not earn will be added to your tuition bill, and if your tuition is already paid in full you will be billed for the remaining amount.


Here is an example of how you can use Scrip:


Scrip orders can be placed anytime during the week, but they are “closed out” on Sunday nights at 8pm. Those orders will be ready for pick up, or delivered in your child’s backpack (if you choose that option by filling out the Scrip Enrollment and Backpack Waiver form), by Wednesday afternoon.


Let’s say you know that next week you are going to go to the grocery store (we will use Walmart as an example), the gas station (Speedway), and you are planning on going out to eat on Saturday night (Chili’s). 

You go, log in, and order your gift cards. To pay for these cards, you can either pay online, by check (made out to ORSP and dropped off in the church or school office before Wednesday).


Your order for one week:

  • Walmart card for $100; there is a 2.5% rebate which totals $2.50, and you get 90% of this rebate back for a total of $2.25 to your Scrip/TRIP account
  • Speedway card for $100; there is a 4% rebate which totals $4.00, and you get 90% of this rebate back for a total of $3.60 to your Scrip/TRIP account
  • Chili’s card for $50; there is an 11% rebate which totals $5.50, and you get 90% of this rebate back for a total of $4.95 to your Scrip/Trip account


In one week you earned $10.80 in FREE money - imagine how much money you could save if you did this every week!   

And this is just one example - there are hundreds of retailers to choose from, and most of them are places at which you already shop.  Visit to see the full list of retailers that offer gift cards through Scrip.


If you have questions about the Scrip program, please email our Scrip Program Coordinator, Mary Barta, at