Enrollment Policies for Childcare

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Our Redeemer Lutheran Child Care is to offer Christ as the central focus of the life of every child, so that every facet of their day relates to Christ and His purpose for them. We seek to provide for their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs and to begin to provide the foundation of a Christ centered education.

Admission Policy

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church with School maintains the Child Care Center for the Christian training of the children of its members and as a mission outreach to the community. The center is licensed to; care for children between 6 weeks and 12 years old. The maximum number of children that may be in attendance at the center at one time is 60. When the school-age program is in operation it will be housed in a separate room located on the premises.

There will be no discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or ancestry against any enrolled child or family or applicant for enrollment. Handicapped children and special needs children will be accepted if their needs are easily accommodated under the American Disability Act.

Our Redeemer Lutheran Child Care is a community resource provided by Our Redeemer Lutheran Church with School. As such, all programs, activities, and educational philosophies will strive to display and communicate God’s love, as seen in His Son, Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. It is therefore necessary for staff and environment to reflect Christian beliefs and practices.

Enrollment Registration Policy

Parents may choose to enroll their child 6 weeks to 24 months in one of the following schedule options:

  • Full days-provides 5-10 hours of care plus a lunch if child is old enough
  • Half days only offered under certain circumstances that need to be okayed thru the Child Care Committee.

Parents may choose to enroll their 2-12 year old in one of the following schedule options:

  • Full days: provides OVER 5 hours of care with a lunch
  • Half days: provides UNDER 5 hours of care with a lunch
  • Before/After School: Kindergarten through 12 years, charged per hour on days when school is in session.

Drop-in/Additional Care: available to all registered children. Provides occasional care or additional care on early dismissal days and school vacations. Drop-in and additional care is based on the availability of the requested hours and requires a 24 hour advance notice.