TADS is Our Redeemer's student management system (SMS), and all student and household information is entered in TADS. There are actually two different TADS web portals that are used by Our Redeemer - these are described below.

  • TADS

    TADS (https://secure.tads.com) is used to enroll students and manage tuition. Household enter the information for their student(s), their household, and all contact information (including emergency contacts) here, and then also choose a tuition payment plan and set up their tuition billing account. Once all student and contact information is entered in TADS, that information carries forward for each successive school year.

  • TADS Educate

    TADS Educate (https://educate.tads.com) is used by teachers to enter attendance and grades, and by parents to view attendance and grade information, and to manage their child(ren)'s hot lunch account. Access to TADS Educate is granted by the school office after student information is completely entered in TADS.

    See the following document for more information on TADS Educate:

    TADS Educate Guide for Parents

    Making Lunch Account Deposits Online in TADS Educate

  • schoolcommunity ID for TADS

    You can create and use a single login for both TADS and TADS Educate. This login is called a schoolcommunityID, and if you use it to log in to either TADS or TADS Educate, you can then link the two portals and easily switch between them using their on screen menus. This is easier than having to manage two separate sets of login information.