Preschool 3K & 4K

At Our Redeemer Lutheran Church with School, we know how important it is for a child’s first formal learning experiences to be positive ones. Our dedicated teachers love working with children as they begin to explore and experience the world around them. We partner with you in training your child to be a servant in God's Kingdom and to encourage academic, social, physical and spiritual growth. 


1. Taking Care of Ourselves and Our Friends

2. Taking Care of and Learning About our Environment

3. Taking Christian Responsibility

4. Taking Parental Responsibility


Our 3k program provides a loving and stimulating learning environment focused on Christ. Early school experiences are so important in a child's life and we are dedicated to making these experiences amazing! 

Your child will learn basic school routines as well as how to interact with peers and follow teacher instruction through: Sensory play, dramatic play, art, basic writing, counting, and science. 

The children have music class once a week as well as opportunities to watch older children in the school do chapel on Wednesdays. They also get to sing in church on Sunday's a few times a year as well as be part of the all school Christmas program. 

We get visits throughout the year from a policeman, fireman, and a librarian who comes to read to the children in the classroom once a month. 

We also take multiple field trips throughout the year for additional learning opportunities including: an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, discovery center, and a trip to the zoo. 

3K Pre-school is for children who have turned 3 years old by Sept 1 and who are completely toilet trained. 

3K is 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays

Option 1: Pre-School 3K - 8:25am - 11am

Option 2: Pre-School 3K - 8:25am - 3:10am Full Day (M/W/F)

Before and after school care is also available.


Our classroom is warm and inviting and provides many learning opportunities through math, science, art, dramatic play, play dough center, a writing center and a book reading loft.  

We incorporate music and physical activity into the school day along with fun themes and events that reinforce learning.

We learn through field trips to places like the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, Milwaukee Zoo and more. We have a special Thanksgiving Feast with parents and grandparents; where the students have helped prepare the food.  

We have visits from the librarian, police officer and a firefighter.  

4K Schedule: 

4K Pre-school is for children who have turned 4 years old by Sept 1 and who are completely toilet trained. 

4K is offered 3 or 5 days a week with a half day or full day option.

Option 1: Pre-School 4K - Monday - Friday, 8:25am - 11am

Option 2: Pre-School 4K - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8:25am - 3:10pm

Option 3: Pre-School 4K - Monday - Friday, 8:25am - 3:10pm

Before and after school care is also available.

Types of Activity

Flexibility is the name of the game in preschool.  We work within the plans for the day, but deviate when necessary and when teachable moments come along.  A typical day usually includes the following activities:

Arrival/Self Selection: Children are welcomed into the classroom. They put coats and backpacks in locker. Take out folders and put in appropriate basket on top of mail cart in class. The children will come and answer question of the day and then choose from a limited number of free choice activities. 

Large Group Instruction: A total group experience involving songs, games, finger plays, stories, and discussions relating to the theme of the week. The use of predictable charts, shared reading and modeled writing experiences help to develop auditory discrimination, general vocabulary, listening comprehension and phonemic awareness in a full group setting. The children will have the opportunity to use the interactive whiteboard daily to develop computer skills. 

Snack: Children and teachers have an opportunity to eat and drink together and share informal conversation and learn proper table manners. 

Small Group Instruction: A small group time, in which the teacher plans instruction to introduce a new skill, carefully observe each child’s work/progress, or integrate subjects in a unique manner. 

Learning Centers: Children choose from various learning centers set up throughout the classroom. Children work and play individually and in small groups. Learning centers include games, computer, table toys, science, math, writing, sensory, pretend, building, listening, library and art. 

Jesus Time: The children learn that Jesus is their friend and Savior through weekly Bible stories and simple memory verses. 

Large Motor/Outdoor Play: An emphasis on activities involving large muscle, both in and out of doors. Social interaction is maximized during structured and unstructured game play. Share Time/Closing Prayer: Children gather as a final meeting summing up the day’s events and providing time for each child to discuss their favorite event of the day and plans for the next class period. Teachers and children close the day by praying together.