Elementary School

As your children grow physically, we strive to challenge them spiritually and intellectually to discover and develop their God-given abilities. Our Redeemer intentionally integrates faith with learning in all disciplines of our curriculum. Students are taught to view all of life and learning through the prism of God’s Word and to strive to glorify Him in all applications of their gifts and talents. 

As classroom bonds and educational challenges grow from year to year, our students are taught to respond appropriately as members of a loving Christian community and challenged to reflect the love of Christ to each other.

Elementary School Curriculum

We offer an academically strong core curriculum along with a variety of extra-curricular opportunities including music, drama and sports to help students explore and develop the full spectrum of their unique, God-given gifts and talents. 

We develop leadership opportunities in the classroom, through group work, classroom presentations, Chapel Families and in various activities throughout the year. 

Our language arts curriculum incorporates both creative and analytical writing that increases in complexity each academic year. 

Our science and math programs place a heavy emphasis on analytical thinking and practical, hands-on applications of skills introduced. 

Spanish is introduced in Kindergarten, and students who continue on through 8th grade usually place into Spanish 2 in high school. 

Elementary students enjoy art class, computer class, music and physical education. 

Our 4th graders begin participation school-wide and statewide speech and spelling competitions.

In 5th Grade, students are given the opportunity to participate in band. 

Field Trips

Putting into practice with hands-on opportunities is an intentional practice and high encouraged for our staff! Here is a sampling of where our Elementary Students gone: 

  • Milton House
  • Blooming Prairie
  • Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
  • Ridgestone Assisted Living to visit with their pen pals
  • Shopping for Toys For Tots