Music Opportunities

Our PK-4 general music and choir programs are designed to teach students to appreciate and read music, to expose them to different kinds of music, and to use their musical talents to praise God during Sunday worship services and in our community. In addition, middle school students may chose to participate in our vocal and/or handbell choirs, or continue with a general music class.  

As a part of the Wisconsin School Music Association, students in grades 6-8 have an opportunity to display their talents at Solo and Ensemble Festival, a music competition, where students are judged on individual and/or group performances.  

Students also take part in an all school musical every other year. Participation in band is optional.

  • Bell Choirs

    Open to grades 5-8. Alleluia Bells is our beginning level choir, Jubilate Bells is our advanced level choir. Both groups work on note reading, rhythm accuracy, and musicianship. These groups play during Sunday worship services throughout the school year.

  • Singing Choirs

    We have 3 levels of choirs. Cherub choir is our K-2 students, Hallelujah Choir is grades 3-4, and Gabriel's Choir is our middle school audition choir.  All groups work on pitch and rhythm accuracy, as well as style and musicianship. All groups participate in worship services throughout the year, as well as sing out in the community.

  • Middle School Band

    Private lessons

    Each student learns to play their instruments on their own with Mr. Schotanus in a private setting. Usually in the Church area since that’s where of our band equipment is kept. Instruments offered are: Flute, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, and Percussion. We have 20 minute lessons each week.

    Christmas Concert

    All students who are in their 2nd year of band and up perform at the annual Christmas Concert. We perform various songs from the book “Classic Christmas Carols for Band” by David Newell. All of the students participating learn separate parts that we put together for the school performance.

    Solo Festival

    All students who are in their 2nd year of band and up perform for the Solo and Ensemble Festival. Each student plays a solo composed for their instrument with piano accompaniment. The festival usually takes place in early spring.

    Full Band or Big Band

    Full band begins in January of the school year. All band students from 1st year through 4th year practice together on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM. We have an advanced group of 6th, 7th, and 8th that play more challenging music, and the full group with various styles of music.

    Spring Concert

    The spring concert is the culmination of Solo and Ensemble and Big Band. We have the group perform various styles of music including: Traditional, Classical, Contemporary, and Jazz. We also have all students who played for the Solo and Ensemble Festival perform their solos as well.