The following are the yearly tuition rates for the 2022-2023 school year:

  • PK3-AM (M/W/F): $1000
  • PK3-Full Day (M/W/F): $2000
  • PK4-AM (M-F): $1425
  • PK4-Full Day (M-F): $2850
  • PK4-3 Full Days (M/W/F): $1425
  • Kindergarten: $2850
  • 1st-8th Grade: $3150

*Mulitple-Student Discount: There is a $300 tuition discount for each Kindergarten-8th grade student per family after the first student

Tuition is billed automatically through our TADS student management system. Families may choose from a variety of payment plans, and the payments are made directly to TADS, either online or through the mail.

Additional Fees

The following are additional school-related fees for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year:

Scrip Commitment

Each family is asked to pay a Scrip commitment through Our Redeemer's Scrip program. The amount of the fee is based on the grade of a family's oldest Our Redeemer student:

  • PK3-AM: $50
  • PK3-Full Day: $75
  • PK4: $100
  • K-8: $200

Only one Scrip commitment fee is assessed per family per year, based on the grade of the oldest student. This fee can be paid in the following ways:

  • Fee earned by participating in the Scrip program by buying gift cards and earning rebates
  • Fee added to tuition
  • Fee paid directly at school registration

Milk Break Fee: 

One carton of milk per full school day, at $0.40 per carton, is required for PK & Kindergarten students and is optional for 1st-8th grade students. (If a PK or Kindergarten student has a milk allergy or aversion, a substitute healthy beverage must be sent with the student daily.)